Get a hold of real tough, Heavy-Duty Switches

Unlike the Ethernet switches in your wiring closet or computer center, the Ethernet switches at the edges of your network have to put up with the bumps and dirt that happen out in the real world. When you’re investing several hundred dollars into your network communications, the last thing you want is the environment terrorizing your equipment.

Heavy-Duty Edge Switches come in versions suitable for many different environmental conditions and power types, they can be matched to any location ranging from offices to factory floors—even outdoors with protection from rain and standing water.

Check out the Hardened, Standard, or Extreme versions. Because all three types work together seamlessly, you can use the inexpensive Standard Switches in protected office environments and choose the more robust Hardened or Extreme Heavy-Duty Edge Switches for harsh locations at your network’s edge.

Hardened Heavy-Duty Edge Switch
Hardened Heavy-Duty Edge Switch

Easy to set up.
Heavy-Duty Edge Switches are literally plug-and-play. All copper ports are autosensing for speed and duplex, adjusting to the connected device automatically. Plus, the UTP ports feature Auto MDI/MDI-X, eliminating the need for crossover cables.

Fast, redundant backup.
Heavy-Duty Edge Switches feature Link-Loss-Learn (LLL) for fast network recovery when using the switches in a redundant application. In a normal network situation where you have a primary link and a backup link, the network can take as much as a few minutes to recover after the primary link goes down. This is because, when the link breaks, the switch will use its old MAC address table to try to send data to the disabled port.

However, if a link breaks with LLL in place, the switch senses the disconnect and instantly clears its MAC address table, forcing a new address table that includes the new link.

Use them nearly anywhere.
Use Heavy-Duty Edge Switches as standalone or wallmounted units. You can also rackmount up to eight units in the optional Rackmount Tray. We also offer 24-VDC versions that can be mounted on a DIN rail. To DIN rail mount the other switches, simply order the optional DIN Rail Mounting Kit.

How are your Ethernet switches holding up against dirt, moisture, and smoke?

Cable 911

Why compromise your work by using the wrong length cable? Don’t settle for whatever’s lying around in the back room, especially if it’s way too long. Why use 5-foot cables when you really need 3-foot cables? Plus you risk jeopardizing your network organization and performance. Keep your telecomm rooms and data centers well-organized, good-looking showpieces by using the right length cable.

When you need patch cables right away, call Cable 911!

Cable 911

How the FREE part works.
If we don’t keep our promise to ship your cables today, you’ll get your cables FREE! Now that doesn’t include taxes, shipping, and handling, but who can argue with free?

The details.
To keep our promise to ship your cables the same day, we have a few very reasonable caveats:

  1. Orders must be placed by 1 p.m. ET Mondays–Fridays.
  2. The maximum order is 50 cables per customer per day.
  3. Cable 911 customers must be pre-approved credit customers or those buying with a credit card.
  4. To order, you must call Customer Service at 724-746-5500. On-line orders will not be accepted.

Cable options.
You can order patch cables with the following options:

  • CAT5e/CAT6
  • PVC/plenum – Plenum is only available with solid-conductor assemblies.
  • Shielded/unshielded
  • Solid/stranded conductor
  • Snagless boot/basic connector
  • Eight colors: blue, white, black, gray, green, orange, red, yellow
  • Lengths: 1– 99 feet