How to spot fake UL® holographic labels with UL® Authenticator Card

UL®, as part of its continuing program to identify counterfeit cable, has an Authenticator Card that can be used to identify genuine gold holographic labels. This special credit card-sized device can be used to better identify counterfeit products with illegitimate UL holograms. The card has a special window on it. When moved across the special UL logo made with color-shifting ink, the UL should appear and disappear. To get the UL® Authenticator Card, go to, use the Label Order form, and the part number 1000-S0132. Or you can call any Label Center listed on their Web site. The cards will also be available at the BICSI Winter Exhibition and Conference, February 12-16 in Orlando, FL.


The UL Website lists the distinct features of the UL hologram introduced in 2009. They are:

  • A gold background to help U.S. Customs officers and other law enforcement agencies, distributors, retailers, and consumers quickly identify the new label.
  •  Color-shifting ink similar to that in the new U.S. paper currency.
  • Repeating pattern of floating UL symbols, a distinctive burst pattern around one of the floating UL symbols, and wavy lines.
  • Additional covert security features to assist with the authentication of a UL holographic label.

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